1. Choose a flight that has arrived between two cities with FlightAware Flight Finder;
  2. Under "track log & graph," copy the table of data and paste into Excel;
  3. Delete unneeded columns and create a CSV file of longitude, latitude, and elevation. Replace any missing altitude values with best estimates based on surrounding values;
  4. Reverse the order of the columns so that longitude values precede latitude;
  5. Save and open the CSV file in a text editor and copy/paste the three columns into the "track.kml" file;
  6. Change the link of the KML file to your online directory (not maps.unomaha.edu);
  7. Center the second map to highlight a particular aspect of the flight.

Virgin Airlines flight between Los Angeles and Newark, February 17, 2015, and great circle.

(If flight track does not appear, check if the http address of the KML file is correct. It must point to your online directory.)

Flight put in holding pattern before it was cleared to land at Newark